About Lecture Objects

A Lecture Object is a standard that was proposed by Giosue Vitaglione in 2000. It applies to all lectures and presentations captured by the ATLAS Collaboratory Project. It is a standardized data object containing high-resolution, open format media files, timing data and standardized metadata (Dublin Core, IEEE LOM). It was designed for longevity, sharing among multiple institutions and flexibility in viewing formats.

Does this sound confusing? See what we mean here.


Have questions about the viewing formats, or having trouble getting a lecture to play? Find out more about Flash and RealPlayer requirements here.

Specifications for the Lecture Object Standard:

  • Description of Lecture Object 2.0 Specification used from 2004
  • lecture.xml Example file using the original specification from 2004
  • metadata.xml Example file using the new specification from 2004
  • Description of Lecture Object 1.0 Original specification used starting 2000
  • lecture.xml Example file using the original specification from 2000
  • lecture.dtd DTD for original lecture.xml specification (2000).
  • More documents on Lecture Objects can be found at the documents page.